Watershed Poetry Mendocino is sponsored by Cloud Forest Institute.

Cloud Forest Institute’s Vision:

Adventures in Education! Preparing students to forge a peaceful,
sustainable, diverse, healthy, respectful, equitable, and hopeful future.

Cloud Forest Institute was formed as a 501(c)(3) scientific and
educational organization in 1996. CFI works to offer students educational
alternatives in international settings that address issues of
environmental and social significance thru Service Learning while striving
to exist sustainably with the natural environment. CFI is working in two

1. By developing institute sites in or near protected biodiversity “hot
”. The first site is located in tropical Andean cloud forest of
Ecuador, South America. The second site is located in the California
floristic zone of Mendocino County, Northern California. As these
institute sites become financially self-sufficient CFI will work to
develop sister sites in other biodiversity “hot spots” around the world.
2. CFI networks with other organizations, institutions, and individuals
whose work fits in line with the CFI mission statement. Rather than
competing in the non-profit sector CFI believes collaboration is the key
to success, CFI does this through administration of the membership
program, World Institute for Sustainability Education (WISE). Sister
institute relationships are developed through this network.

All donations are tax-deductible. Please send checks or money orders to:

Cloud Forest Institute,
PO Box 1435,
Ukiah CA 95482
(707) 743-1287

Call to make your donation with a credit card, or donate online from the

For more information about Cloud Forest Institute, see website at:


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